Gloria Krenbrenk

I have problem feet and I’m so glad The Walk Shoppe is there. These folks know their stuff and have a good stock of shoes for unhappy feet. They made my orthotics which I can’t do without. Even if your feet are happy, you will find good quality footwear. I...

Parmamjeet Chumber

“I strongly recommend this walk shop.” and They have a great customer service.The Staff at custom orthotics are so helpful and knowledgeable for the orthotices, foot issues and compression stockings. I love this place. I won’t buy my shoes anywhere...

Leah Phillips

The staff are excellent. They taught me how to purchase good shoes. They even modified my insoles for my winter boots. I have a bunion on my right foot that causes constant pain. I will go nowhere else to purchase shoes or custom orthotics.

Paul Li

Great, helpful staff and the custom orthotics have been serving me well for over a year now. Definitely recommend this place!


Thanks for making it possible to continue doing what I love. It might have been just another day for you and your team, but it was a life changing experience for me.