What brands do we carry?

At Custom Orthopedic & The Walk Shoppe we believe in focusing on the brands that we have chosen to carry.

You won’t find 50 different companies here.

We have found that too often stores try to carry too many brands that can lead them to ‘spread themselves too thin’ and they have no sizes in the back. Stock room is tight, and to carry all the sizes in all the models you need a very large warehouse, or you wind up only having a few select sizes in each model run.

We have purposely decided to only carry a few brand names that we feel are high quality, and that fit with our philosophy of foot health care.

Some of our clients have asked us why we don’t sell on line. That’s a whole different can of worms! No two sizes are exactly the same and with the orthopedic nature of our business, we want to see you in the shoe and to explain HOW it fits with respect to your gait and the orthotic being designed. Kind of hard to do all that over the phone or the internet, not to mention the headache associated with exchanges and/or returning items!

Here you will find the logos of some of the more common brands that we have chosen. This doesn’t mean that all other shoes are not good, just not a good fit for us at this time.

To learn how to fit shoes properly or to have a fitting done, please feel free to come by the store where we will assist you in selecting the most appropriate footwear for your needs.